Conservation on Mustique


The island community is committed to preserving Mustique and in 1989 an act was passed declaring the island of Mustique, together with its beaches, foreshore and surrounding waters to be within the Mustique Conservation Area.

The Environmental Programme

A specially formed Environmental Programme and Committee has been created to protect the Conservation area and the pristine environment of the island. The committee, made up of villa owners and the island management, oversees the establishment and implementation of marine and land-based conservation projects, from turtle tagging and monitoring to responsible fishing, and most importantly educating future generations about the importance of island conservation.

Much of the island remains undeveloped leaving great swathes of natural habitat for the local wildlife. Some of the roads have been left as dirt tracks to minimize the footprint, and a comprehensive recycling programme has been initiated ensuring that all waste is environmentally treated and recycled. 

Marine Conservation


These magnificent creatures are an enchanting sight, whether shuffling through the sand to lay their eggs in the cool dunes, or playfully gliding through the water as you snorkel side by side.

Mustique’s Turtle project is affiliated with Widecast, a specialist marine conservation group, which is dedicated to protecting the turtles within the Caribbean Sea and to raising awareness for their preservation.

The two types of turtle most commonly found in the Caribbean are the Hawksbill and the Leatherback.
Our resident island guides regularly patrol the beaches, monitoring egg laying, and safely relocating nests to nurture hatchlings, before they are ready to leave for the safety of the water.

During the nesting season of May to October guests are invited to get involved and may be lucky enough to see a nesting or a hatchling release during their stay.


Lobster fishing is prohibited between May and August, during the spawning season, to preserve their numbers. Please help us and our precious resources and do not buy lobster from the fishermen during this period.

Local Community

The island has established a range of services for the local community including a primary school, medical clinic, library and thriving church community.

The Primary School has over 300 students aged from five to eleven who are taught by local and international teachers whilst a range of adult education programmes are taught in the community centre to encourage employment both on the island and further afield.

The Mustique Charitable Trust

With enthusiastic philanthropic goals the island wanted to do something for the local community of Mustique and St Vincent and the Grenadines and in 2008 the Mustique Charitable Trust was formed. Financed by donations from the Mustique Company, villa owners and guests, the Trust has helped the children, youths and vulnerable adults of St. Vincent & the Grenadines with housing initiatives, educational programmes, grants and bursaries to universities in the region and abroad.

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